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Title: El ser de la historia
Authors: Cortés Rodríguez, Pedro
Adviser: Zirión Quijano, Antonio
Keywords: info:eu-repo/classification/cti/4
Issue Date: Aug-2005
Publisher: Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo
Abstract: Presently work will be exposed the concept of authenticity in Luis' philosophy In the Aristotelian philosophy the metaphysics is a group of later studies to the physics. To this group of studies the estagirita denominated them philosophy first. With the step of the time, for the fact of considering these Aristotelian writings beyond the physics, and even of the particular sciences, it finished for owner like metaphysics. This philosophical discipline usually divides especially and general: the first, are the doctrine of the particular (God, man, spirit, world) entities that includes the cosmology, the speculative anthropology and the rational theology; the second, are properly the ontology understood as the being's doctrine as soon as to be. On the other hand in the tradition Wolf-Baumgarten an important redefinition is given: the metaphysics is understood by Wolf like the being's science, of the world in general and of the spirits. The metaphysics is divided now in ontology, general and pneumatic cosmology. Villoro will be about standing out their value for the Latin American philosophy and their way of to be made; as well as to highlight the importance that has in the multicultural problem, in the one political and ethical environment, and in the theory of the knowledge. The investigation that I present you it inscribes in the context of Luis' philosophy Villoro. He/she carries out a specific analysis of the one concept of authenticity, traveling their theses has more than enough philosophy of the philosophy, the problematic multicultural, the power and the value and the epistemology. Lastly, I point out the importance that could have the concept of authenticity in an educational theory, anchoring us in the <<pedagogy of the oppressed one>> of Paulo I will Fry as educational antecedent, which would be capable to confront the socio-cultural conditions current, particularly those of our country.
En la filosofía aristotélica la metafísica es un grupo de estudios posteriores a la física. A este grupo de estudios el estagirita los denominó filosofía primera. Con el paso del tiempo, por el hecho de considerar estos escritos aristotélicos más allá de la física, e incluso de las ciencias particulares, terminó por adoptárseles como metafísica. Esta disciplina filosófica suele dividirse en especial y general: la primera, es la doctrina de los entes particulares (Dios, hombre, espíritu, mundo) que incluye la cosmología, la antropología especulativa y la teología racional; la segunda, es propiamente la ontología entendida como la doctrina del ser en cuanto ser. Por su parte en la tradición Wolf-Baumgarten se da una redefinición importante: la metafísica es comprendida por Wolf como la ciencia del ser, del mundo en general y de los espíritus. La metafísica se divide ahora en ontología, cosmología general y neumática.
Description: Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas. Facultad de Filosofía. Programa Institucional de Maestría en Filosofía de la Cultura
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